The Magic of White

Alka Madan
30 May , 2019

White is pure and divine. It is the perfect balance of all the colors in the visible spectrum. Lies cannot hide behind it because it reflects all. When we come into this world we are so full of white light- a blank canvas. It is our life experiences that fill us with colors of both joy and despair. As babies, we are free from all expectations and hurts that come from living in a human body. As babies, we are free to create whatever might inspire us on our clean white canvas.

If you are going through a transitional period in your life like a new job, moving homes or a new relationship you will find yourself leaning to the color white. It is the color associated with new beginnings and surrounding yourself with white can help you feel calm and organized.The use of white light for meditation has been long practiced. It helps you calm your nerves and find some sense to the chaos of the world. If you are in need of a break and want to rejuvenate your creative senses try practicing meditation with a soft white light.

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