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Silence is Golden

The mind is constantly in chaos. When we avoid listening to our innermost thoughts they make more noise. Eventually, an overactive mind will bring your stress that can cause sleeping disorders, anxiety, irritation, and even depression. When we talk we do not listen. When we talk our subconscious is dying for our attention. Now a day’s people depend on alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances to ease theirs over imaginative minds. Observing silence can help you find much-needed peace and align your thoughts with your reality.

The practice of observing silence is the very foundation of meditation. During this time you should not depend on any external source of entertainment- no talking, texting, or reading.We do live in a very busy world. Everyone is in constant communication via social media, texts, phone calls, emails and what not. It had become very difficult to find peace in isolation. We want to help you take the first step and have therefore launched our ‘OBSERVING SILENCE’ tee-shirt. The simple design does what it has to. It allows people around you to give you some much-needed space. 

Order one today and start your journey to a more peaceful and attentive you.


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