Life is rather simple; it is the choice between right and wrong. Black and white, yin and yang. Two halves that together bring balance and wholeness to our life. There are so many examples of duality that we see every day. The male and female body, the sun and the moon, water and fire…..and so on. In spirituality there are no grey spaces, we must not dwell in the in-between. That is why Soul Body Clothing has only two shades- BLACK AND WHITE.

Our clothes come with positive and uplifting affirmations that will bring a smile to your face and let people know how you feel. A good thought will not only brighten your day, but you can also spread some much-needed cheer around you. So rock a SoulBody T-shirt today and stay Woke!

Our brand- Soul Body Healing Center

Soul Body Healing Center helps you integrate healthier choices and teaches you to heal yourself to get rid of not just disease symptoms but to identify the core problem. Most physical ailments are a direct result of deep emotional trauma. We have our holistic healing center at Fremont, CA and we are dedicated in making the world a more positive place. We are a growing brand and have recently launched SoulFoodsonline and SoulBodyClothing.

Soul Body Clothing

No Shades of Grey